About me and the blog…

Hello, I’m Madelin. I started working as the Pendlebury Archive Project Assistant at the beginning of October. Before arriving in Athens I completed a 2 year project cataloguing and arranging for the long-term preservation of the Jacob Bronowski Collection at Jesus College, Cambridge. Prior to working on the Bronowski Collection I worked as an Archives Assistant at the Churchill Archives Centre in Churchill College, Cambridge for 4 years. That included 2 years of part-time work whilst I undertook an MA programme in Archives and Records Management at University College London (finished in September 2013).

I am now working at the British School in Athens on the Pendlebury Family Papers. The project should last for 6 months – during which time I will arrange, catalogue to item-level and oversee the digitisation of the collection (or at least that’s the plan).

The purpose of this blog is to act as a diary for the project, to document the processes of arrangement, cataloguing and digitisation. I will aim to write an entry every week and I hope that you enjoy reading these.

6 thoughts on “About me and the blog…

  1. What a fascinating project, and it’s great to read about your progress: thank you for doing this.
    I volunteer at the Egypt Exploration Society in London and whilst researching a talk I gave recently about Hilary Waddington and his work with Pendlebury at Amarna, I came across a reference (in Imogen Grunden’s biography of Pendlebury) to a love story which Pendlebury had written inspired by the stone bust of Nefertiti discovered in 1933 in a sculptor’s workshop (No. 205 in the 1932-33 Amarna object cards on the EES website). Imogen Grunden says this love story is in the BSA archive (albeit undated and uncatalogued). I will be passing through Athens next Thursday morning (26 May) and would be very interested to see this, if you have come across it – and indeed I would be interested to see any of the Pendlebury papers which are available to the public: would this be possible, please?


    1. Dear Susan,
      Thanks for your message. I imagine it must be very interesting volunteering at the EES!
      Yes, you can come and look at this story (which mentions the bust of Nerfertiti) and some other material. The BSA’s Archivist is emailing you now about arrangements, and I look forward to meeting you then.

      Best wishes,


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