Weeks 13 & 14, 11th-22nd Jan

Photograph of John Pendlebury taken during his honeymoon (22 Sep 1928). Reference: PEN 2/2/3/7. Copyright: The British School at Athens

These past 2 weeks have been all about cataloguing the travel logs which I discussed in my previous post. I am currently part way through the 5th (of 6), and these have followed John and Hilda’s travels up to 1931 so far.

Most of the items in the travel logs are small photographs that have been stuck in and labelled by John. John’s captions should be very helpful when I come on to cataloguing the section of loose photographs (many of which are not labelled), as I believe there are possibly photographs printed from the same negatives or at least from the same occasions.

It has been interesting to look at photographs of places in Greece and Italy (John and Hilda visited archaeological sites in Sicily and mainland Italy from December 1929 to January 1930), but I have also enjoyed the photographs of people. Most of the people featured are mentioned in letters, or in other papers, in the John Pendlebury Family Papers Archive. Having photographs of these individuals helps to bring the papers to life.

Here are some of my favourites from the last 2 weeks.

Photographs from a 2 day trip to Khalkís, Erétria and Thebes from Athens (March 1930). Copyright: The British School at Athens
Photographs of John and Hilda Pendlebury during their honeymoon (September 1928). Copyright: The British School at Athens
Photographs from a day trip which Hilda and John went on to Vouliagméni (near Athens), 19 May 1928. Copyright: The British School at Athens